Engine parts

Piston ring set

Product code 33.027.01238
Product group Engine parts
Description Piston ring set
Unit Kit for cylinder
Diameter nominal, mm 127
SCANIA - BUS, 112, 113, 143
Dzinejs - SCANIA - DSC14.03, DSC14.04, DSC14.05, DSC14.06, DSC14.08,

Additional information

Engine parts → Piston with rings

33.051.03725 Main part
SCANIA - BUS, 113 Dzinejs - SCANIA - DSC11.22, DSC11.70, DTC11.01, DTC11.02 Diameter nominal, mm: 127
33.051.01944 Main part
SCANIA - BUS, 113 Dzinejs - SCANIA - DS11.34, DS11.71, DS11.72, DS11.73, DS11.74, DSC11 Diameter nominal, mm: 127

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MAHLE 127*3,5*2,38*4,74 06141NO PIERSCIENIE SCANIA DSC11 N/TYP 1-TLOK >5

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